located in the famed bababudangiri range


The story of Indian coffee is a rich tapestry of history, lore, and tradition. But very few estates and brands have been part of its journey for long. Started in 1896, Baarbara Estate has been one of the few estates at the forefront of the coffee movement in India.

Legends say that in the 16th century, the Sufi mystic Baba Budan secretly brought seven coffee beans from Yemen. He planted the beans on the rolling slopes of the hills that now bear his name and came to be known as the birthplace of coffee in India. For coffee connoisseurs, this land is mystical and is revered as the cradle of Indian coffee cultivation.

Located within this rich bionetwork of the Bababudangiri Range in Chikkamaglur, Karnataka, Baarbara Estate provides the ultimate farm-to-cup coffee experience to coffee connoisseurs. The dampness of the unscathed mists of the Western Ghats, the 5000-foot elevation of the mountains, and the fertility of the soil nourish the lush vegetation that produces Arabica beans, which are renowned as being among the highest quality worldwide.   

Located among the verdant hills of the Bababudangiri Range, Baarbara Estate produces single-origin Arabica coffee beans. All the coffee produced at the estate is hand-picked and hand-sorted and is exclusive specialty coffee.

Baarbara Coffee has created a niche for itself in the specialty segment in India with the single objective of serving the highest quality coffee. The brand has tremendously invested in upholding the quality of its product from farm level to packaging to ensure our products retains flavour and freshness so our customers can enjoy a superlative coffee experience. All the handpicked beans are roasted, ground, and packaged with quality standards that preserve the aromatic flavours intact for the ultimate coffee experience.

The estate has been distributing coffee beans to the Indian market and also exporting through various buyers to international coffee markets. The plantation has also feathered various prestigious certifications to ensure an adherence to quality product, environmental care (Rain Forest Alliance) and labour conditions (UTZ Certification) etc.

The estate is currently led by fourth-generation planters who are passionate about preserving its rich history while forging ahead with new ideas and ever-evolving techniques.



Our estate lies at an elevation of 3850 to 5350 feet, in turn providing some of the highest-quality, high-elevation Arabica beans in the world. Located amidst the lush Bababudangiri Range, this unique geographical location lends the coffee a distinct flavour. The diversity of both the flora and fauna greatly contributes to the affluence of the soil and the quality of our coffee.


Our farm's coffee beans are shade-grown among native foliage, spices like black pepper and various trees like Jackfruit, Jamun, Strangler Fig, Silver Oak, Wild Fig, Nandi, Rosewood, Red Cedar, etc., which has a deep impact on the quality and taste of the coffee. As the coffee ripens more slowly, it leads to richer and more concentrated flavours with deeper nuances. Shade-grown coffee plantations encourage biodiversity and are thriving ecological hotspots, providing natural habitats for a variety of fauna. The trees also act as a carbon sink, leading to better air quality while protecting the soil, replenishing nutrients, and reducing the chances of erosion and landslides.


All the coffee is hand-picked and hand-sorted at the estate and the dry mills, ensuring zero defects. Fresh stream water is used for irrigation, production, processing, and washing all our coffee. The beans are roasted on order, ensuring you receive the freshest coffee right at your doorstep.


Baarbara Estate falls in a wildlife-friendly zone and nurtures more than 100 species of birds and many mammals. We work closely with local authorities and nature conservation organisations to maintain our rich biodiversity. We believe greatly in the symbiotic relationship between the land and its rich flora and fauna and strive to maintain this balance.


At the estate level, rigorous research and experimentation is integrated within our system, helping us produce various micro and nano lots. Our resident agronomist determines the manure inputs and organic management to ensure the continuity of a healthy crop. Q graders at our estate extensively monitor our trails and processing.

Our Philosophy


We believe everything starts and ends with the land, and this translates into our philosophy. We are strict followers of maintaining Coffee Ecology, deeply valuing our land and its symbiotic relationship with the thriving flora and fauna.

We strive hard to maintain this ecological balance by using ethical and environmentally conscious farming techniques. Environmental care is also inculcated within the labour community to maintain soil and ecosystem balance. We also work closely with local authorities and nature conservation organisations to maintain our rich biodiversity.