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Baarbara Estate offers the highest-grade AA Arabica beans for private and white labelling. Innovation and quality control are built into the system, so you can be assured of the finest quality product. We evaluate every ounce of our green coffee, paying paramount importance to the strength, texture, and density of the coffee we produce. Professionals on board at every step of production ensure the best quality. Along with the right farming techniques, knowledge of environmental care is inculcated within the labour community, ensuring the maintenance of soil and ecosystem balance. All our produce is segregated, stored, and processed lot-wise before it is dispatched to any buyer, ensuring better traceability.

We understand the ever-evolving world of coffee and changing consumer preferences. We work closely with brands to guarantee we deliver the best product that is appropriate for their market, keeping in mind what connoisseurs are currently seeking.



Baarbara Coffee is a pioneer in producing fine-quality green coffee beans for buyers and roasters alike. The altitude from which our green coffee is ethically harvested provides a wide range for procurers and retail chains to produce great-quality coffee. The processes involved in providing farm-fresh produce are of the utmost importance to our brand, and all the necessary care is taken to maintain and restore the moisture content, acidity, and goodness of each green bean.

Green coffee, when roasted and blended, can elevate your product to a level of greatness that is defined only by its lineage. We at Baarbara Coffee are most ardent about nurturing and upholding the lineage, which gives the ultimate coffee experience in a cup. Consistently delivering good-quality premium green coffee beans has always attracted buyers towards the brand, and we work at maintaining this trust.

The selective picking of the shade-grown coffee cherries gives us the perfect background for obtaining our best green beans, which adhere to all the quality parameters. Baarbara Coffee is diligent in processing the cherries that uphold our brand values of integrity by providing the finest green coffee beans treated with pristine stream water and dried under ideal conditions. Green coffee from our dense plantations caters to the demands and variants of roasters and buyers worldwide. Coffee buyers and brewers can approach Baarbara Coffee for a wide array of graded coffee beans that suit their blending requirements.



Baarbara Estate collaborates with many coffee brands, cafes, and restaurants in India to supply roasted coffee on order. With professional roasters on staff, each fresh batch of coffee beans is carefully monitored and roasted in accordance with the unique requirements and specifications of each order. We roast on the renowned German-made Probat roaster. Its advanced technology and technical features are perfect for a variety of high-quality roasts.

All our coffee is hand-garbled at the dry mills on our estate and then sent to the Roastery. The entire supply chain, from coffee production to processing and roasting, is handled by the team at Baarbara Estate, ensuring traceability. Additionally, each cup of roasted coffee is cupped and goes through a quality check before dispatch. Moreover, Mr. Sreeraksha, who is part of the management team at Baarbara Estate, is a trained roaster, and all the coffees are profiled by him.